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Instantly get a list of all your accounts and choose which you don’t want and delete the ones you are not using.

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Your data matters

The right to object to the use of your data

You have the right to object to an organisation processing your personal data at any time. This means that you can stop or prevent the organisation from using your data. However it only applies in certain circumstances, and they may not need to stop if the organisation can give strong and legitimate reasons to continue using your data.

Your right to get your data deleted

The right to get your data deleted is also known as the ‘right to erasure’. You can ask an organisation that holds data about you to delete that data. In some circumstances, they must then do so. You may sometimes hear this called the ‘right to be forgotten’.

How it works


Check what apps you've used in the past

We’ll show you the list of all app accounts you’ve signed up for in past years. You would be surprised how many apps still have access to your data.



Select ones you would like to delete

Select which accounts you want to keep and which to delete. All it takes is click the check box.

Get Data Care


Select ones you would like to delete

Easily send Removal Requests to the services you are not using anymore.

Get notified once data is deleted. Based on GDPR all request should be accepted by the tech companies and we’ll help you get confirmation on data deletion.

Media about privacy

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1 %
of Identity Fraud is Classed as Miscellaneous Identity Theft
1 %
of Americans are concerned about businesses collecting and selling their personal information without permission
1 %
of social media users are concerned about businesses accessing the data they share on social media platforms

What must the organisation do?

If your objection is successful, the organisation must stop or not begin processing your personal data for that use. However, they may still be able to legitimately continue using your data for other purposes. If you have objected to the organisation using your personal data for direct marketing then they must stop using your data for these purposes.

Our technology allows you to control of your data on the web by making online privacy rights simple and accessible.

Get a list of apps

Choose ones you are not using

Clear your data

GET notified when data is deleted

Check which tools are still using your data and delete the ones you want

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